COVID-19/Coronavirus Statement:

Due to our current global crisis regarding Covid-19, in order to keep our employees safe, healthy and able to work, we have used our call center technology to give everyone with the ability, the option to Work from Home.

In order for this to work, our interviewers login from home to our system and are able to access and dial on any project we are calling. We are utilizing 1:1 direct message technology where our supervisors can communicate with each interviewer and vice versa in order to maintain quotas, give survey support and motivate.

With regards to our quality control, our staff has the same access to monitor them in real-time and record as we normally do etc. All of our Work from Home surveys are validated 100%.

In this uncertain and ever-changing time, we have been able to successfully adapt in order to allow us to offer a safe working environment and still provide our clients with quality data collection both Panel and Cati.

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Mission Statement

"MAXimum Research gives each and every client the personal attention and service they deserve, quickly, accurately and within budget."
- Robert A. Malmud President

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