Besides data collection, MAXimum Research is able to assist you in other market research needs, including:

- Validations
- Email Blasting
- Data Entry
- Database Updating & Scrubbing
- Lead Generation

Data Collection

All aspects of your project will be performed by MAXimum Research, Inc., in house. Our professional project staff, data processors, programmers, monitors, editors and coders are under the same roof as our 100-station WATS facility. This ensures that your project will be carried out as planned, on schedule and guarantees the integrity of your data.

MAXimum Research, Inc. is experienced in all methods of Data Collection. These methodologies include:

Phone | Web | Recruiting | IVR | In-Person | Mail

Mission Statement

"MAXimum Research, Inc. gives each and every client the personal attention and service they deserve, quickly, accurately and within budget."
- Robert A. Malmud President

MAXimum Research, Inc., Inc.

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