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Intercept studies are designed to capture audiences in their own environments. Whether in a mall, an airport, or vacation area, the intercept method often finds the participant in an activity that relates to the research goal. With carefully crafted questions relevant to the environment, the interviewer can receive top-of-mind responses.

Intercepts are commonly carried out in or outside shopping malls or retail outlets – any venue where large numbers of a target group are possible. If a respondent qualifies and is a willing participant, a small incentive may be offered in exchange for a short interview. The sample selection is less strict than with other methods and they are generally less expensive.

With our convenient location, MAXimum Research, Inc. can help assist with “in the field” needs. We can provide interviewers who are trained and experienced with these types of studies.

MAXimum Research, Inc. is experienced in all methods of Data Collection. These methodologies include:

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