The members of our project team have arranged their schedules to accommodate clients' needs and requests anytime of day, regardless of timezone.

Our Project Directors

Our project management team has over 45 years of combined experience and prides itself on client satisfaction for each and every project. They are responsible for the overall execution of the fieldwork surrounding each research initiative.

We strategically assign projects based on the type of study. Each project is reviewed to determine the most suitable Project Director based on their background and expertise as well as the specific needs of the study.

Our Project Directors analyze all facets of the research design to help eliminate unforseen problems before they occur. They have the unique ability to anticipate unexpected issues and can make recommendations to the client. Their market research experience of telephone interviewing in the early stages of their careers contributes to this capability.

Working directly with our clients to develop the project schedule, our Project Directors help define the research instrument (screener, moderators guide, questionnaire, sampling procedure, tab plan, etc.) and coordinate all external communications. They are also responsible for checking final programs before client approval. Internally, they will manage all resources ensuring the quality, timeliness and accuracy of deliverables, including tracking response, incidence and cooperation rates.

MAXimum Research, Inc. Project Directors provide the strongest, most helpful and knowledgeable customer service in the industry.

Mission Statement

"MAXimum Research gives each and every client the personal attention and service they deserve, quickly, accurately and within budget."
- Robert A. Malmud President

MAXimum Research, Inc.

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